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Despite being an important aspect of general health and wellbeing, dental care can sometimes be expensive. Dental costs may mount up rapidly, from regular checkups to sudden emergencies, leaving many people feeling overburdened and uncertain about how to properly manage their finances. 

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with our Dental Financing Options in this blog post, which will help you manage your dental payment plans and keep your teeth and checkbook healthy.

Understanding the various costs connected with dental care!

It’s important to understand all of the costs related to dental treatment before going into approaches to managing dental expenses. These expenses may cover braces, root canal therapy, crowns, fillings, regular checkups, and cleanings, among other services. These costs may quickly get out of control without insurance, which may lead to monetary stress and possibly result in skipping out on important dental care.

Individuals with large dental bills or those who do not have insurance coverage may benefit from researching our financing options. Our dental practice provides payment plans or financing options to help patients manage the cost of treatment over time. 

 How to Apply without affecting your credit score?

Our financing option uses a soft credit check, so if you are rejected, your credit score will not be affected. Answering some basic questions can help you get started on your financial plan, and don’t worry about your privacy—our lenders will keep it private for you! Our dental practice has proudly collaborated with Tabeo: UK’s leading finance provider for private elective healthcare. 

Tabeo also has the ability to act as a credit broker and loan servicer, which means that your loan will be agreed on and managed solely by Tabeo. Depending on your term and credit profile, Tabeo will only introduce you to one suitable lender.

The advanced algorithms respond in under three seconds. If you’re approved, all you have to do is specify when you want payments collected each month and you’ll be able to start the loan right immediately. If you are unsuccessful, you can forward the application to a friend or family member and have them apply on your behalf.

Why don’t you calculate your finances with us?

If you wish to calculate your finances today, you could simply just do it with one click! 

Visit us online and calculate your finances by simply entering the amount you wish to finance and the number of monthly payments you prefer, and just within seconds, you will be able to find out the interest (APR), Cost of Credit and the Total amount to pay back in future. 

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